Left Ov God

On dark horse I ride, deeper and deep into the darkwoods...the first ring i approach

—Scrolls Of The Megilloth


CHRISTIAN METAL WEEK: Songs of the Megilloth by Mortification - Even before I became a Christian, I have always found the fascination with all things Satan in death metal and black metal pathetic.  The music was interesting, but the lyrical content and intent was a turnoff.  While some finally grew out of the devil worship thing, it is still constitutes much of the scene. It never occurred to me that one could play death metal and be…Christian.  Thus it was years later that I came across Mortification and its various strains of white metal and unblack metal.

When I discovered Mortification, I realized I had seen their videos on MTV but never connected them as believers, I just put all similar sounding bands in the same bucket.  However, this Australian band led by founder, lead singer and bassist Steve Rowe has been playing death metal since the late 80’s and is widely credited with being the first Christian death metal band to achieve mainstream success (well mainstream might be pushing it).  They were pioneers of the genre though and were the inspiration for many other Christians to pursue extreme music in the name of Christ.

Scrolls of the Megilloth was their second studio album released in 1992, and it is intense.  Every song is a brutal aural assault of crushing agony. blistering speed, and guttural howling.  And it all comes together beautifully on this album, particularly the title track.  It starts innocently enough with a longish organ intro, then launches into sheer mayhem. As for the title, the lyrics hint at the meaning, referring to five books in the Old Testament (Ruth, Esther, Song of Solomon, Lamentations, Ecclesiastes) meant to be read during times of celebration.  May this song be a celebration for your ears and may you have a blessed weekend!


Samurai 10oz western shirt.

Original Kimono fabric at the collar band and under cuffs

Exposed selvage at under placket, cuffs, and pocket openings

(Source: blueingreensoho.com)


Ancient Dialectic

Ascension to Martyrdom

Descendant from the divine lineage of the gods
A bloodline of Merovingian origin
For the powers of thy father have all but gone stale
Awaken from dormancy I will be thy wrath
Manifest I will the all being power of my place
Masonic influence and bilderberg common race
Crucifixion of all the dissenters stands in the face
Of the incarnation of the thy gods body and breathe

Embrace the scorn of the earth

Ravage flesh of mother gaya, brings thy holy lords salvation
Ravaged flesh of mother gaya, be thy holy lords salvation

Thralldom of those who the serpent claims
A prison, my domain
Passion, is this reign

Illuminate, my campaign
Divine right, of the kings

Servitude I manipulate the puppets in place
Of my blood, the masters descend
Podium, the kings lays his throne above all
Serfdom to the weak
This nation will be embodiment of thy lord
And with it shall his wrath unearth the gates of Babylon
The nations of the world will lay their heads on the ground
One world I command one world under god

Be thy serpent’s wrath

Formulate a treacherous plan
A curtain veils the indoctrination
Innocents blood spilled for the crusade
A symbol of progression brought to its knees
A horrific image
Depravity of the human race
Embodiment of the serpent, pointing the hand

Continental demoralization
Masonic sub-control
Perdition reigns upon Judas
Slain begets the wrongful kings
Service of the serpent condemns a peasant race to mind control
Implantations are the network for the silent peonage

Murder the rebellion of which I convict



(Source: wabi-sabi--seppuku)